The World Indigenous Research Journal Alliance

The World Indigenous Research Journal Alliance (WIRJA) promotes ethical research practice by, with, and for Indigenous peoples by:

  1.       operating under the auspices of the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC);
  2.       promoting engagement between Indigenous researchers in academic and community spaces;
  3.       promoting the WINHEC Indigenous Research Standards
  4.       recommending to the WINHEC Executive Board the title and theme for the WINHEC Research Journal;
  5.       participating in peer reviews of articles submitted for publication to the WINHEC Research Journal and other journals;
  6.       Considering research activities or projects in support of the WINHEC goals

Mediating and mobilizing Indigenous Peoples’ educational knowledge and aspirations.

1. The sphere represents our world and all of our current members and those currently unseen, but yet to come.
2. The designs on the sphere are reminiscent of and taken from artworks of the Indigenous peoples who make up WIRA (symbolic bear claws, whales teeth, fish, stingrays etc., all in the geometric patterns that we see in our Indigenous woven art). The symbolism and metaphortie our Indigenous nations and states together.
3. The sphere is broken up into seven distinct areas representing the WINU educational regions:

a. Sāmi / Arctic
b. Alaska
c. Canada
d. Continental USA
e. Hawai’i / Pasifika
f. Australia / Aotearoa
g. Taiwan

WINHEC: An International Journal of Indigenous Education Scholarship: Special Issue: Indigenous Cultural Leadership