Pre-meetings Date:

Sunday, July 28th

pre-meetings of WINHEC Executive Board, WINU, Board of Accreditation

Sunday, July 28th, meetings run from 10-5. Ensure a Country/Nation Rep. is present to attend the Exec Board, BOA and WINU meetings.

See full agenda for details.


Day One: July 29th 

  • Host Cultural Welcoming and Official Opening
  • AGM and Country / Nation Reports
  • BoA
  • Youth and Elder Dialogue
  • Arts and Cultural workshop
  • Dinner, visiting and free evening

Day Two: July 30th

  • Daily Opening by Country / Nation
  • Youth Camp / Elder Camp
  • Work Day
  • Choice of Open Board of Accreditation meeting, WIRA, WIRJA, WINU, others as deemed necessary
  • Dinner with Presentations of WINHEC Circle of Honours + WINU Awards

Day Three: July 31st

  • Daily Opening by Country / Nation
  • AGM- Reports from WINHEC Exec., Board of Accreditation, various Working Committees
  • Youth Camp continues and ends
  • WINHEC Host Community Celebration begins (Taroko National Park)
  • Dinner with Youth Presentation and Open Mic. (Taroko National Park)

Day Four: August 1st

  • August 1st is Taiwan Indigenous Day
  • Daily Opening by Country / Nation
  • WINHEC Host Community Celebration Tours – Choose 1 of 6
  • Dinner with your Host Tour Community

Day Five: August 2nd

  • Daily Opening by Country / Nation
  • WINHEC Community- Origin stories of WINHEC and our member institutes
  • Official Closing with Banquet, Gift exchanges and farewells